Hygienic Care Service Pest Controlrowater Purifiercleaning Service

HCSSONV is the most trusted and reliable company in Chennai . It’s the
very popular company too ! HCSSONV provides mainly four Services that is Pest control service , RO water purifier services , Home / deep cleaning services and sanitation too .

  1. Pest control service

HCSSONV pest control specialist have the training , experience and resource to assure protection and elimination of all types of destructive pests . Additionally , we’re experts at the proper , proven methods of selecting and applying pest control chemicals .

 Most importantly we are expert in REPTILE TREATMENT . It’s safe for
you , child and your family from reptiles , lizard and snakes . Our team experts are dedicated to providing a best service of reptiles control .

 Termites are called silent destroyer .Because they may be secretly hiding
in your property .We provide best termite control service in residential ,
Commercial , restaurants, hotel & industrial on best price !

 HCSSONV use various ways to rodent control such as – Rodent trap system and Rodent glue trap

 We use Cockroach gel for Cockroach control . It’s a excellent way to solve the problem of both the indoor and outdoor Cockroaches .
This is long lasting and highly effective method of eradicating Cockroaches has become very popular among individuals as well as professional because of it’s long- lasting results & use .

  1. Ro water purifier

RO is the most trusted Water purifier in brand in India . The achievements are proof that RO gives the most purified water across the nation . Our RO water purifier trusted by millions , making it the world’s best water purifier . It removes minerals from tap or supplied water , however it’s not a reason of worry . RO purifiers also help in improving the taste and odour to make
water suitable for consumption .

Most importantly , our RO water purifier systems are the strongest , most
effective filters for drinking water. They are known to remove more than 99.99% of most dangerous contaminants in the water . That includes heavy metals , herbicides , pesticides , chlorine and other chemicals & even hormones .

  1. Home cleaning Services

HCSSONV home cleaning services includes kitchen cleaning , bathroom cleaning , sofa cleaning , Carpet cleaning , living room cleaning , and more .


 Behind kitchen appliances like the washing machine and oven , cutting through grime that builds up

 Under the sink

 Inside the oven including the oven door glass

 Inside of windows frames and patio doors

 Washing all blinds

 Full and deep dusting including all the corners of rooms for cobwebs

 Scale removal from all bathroom tiles , kitchen tiles , taps , showed
heads and more .

  1. Sanitization

Sanitization is a process of cleaning certain areas or surface in such a manner , so that’s made bacteria-free and elementally clean all types of
microbes and viruses that can infect the human body and cause different
kinds of diseases . Sanitization is “ reducing the number of bacteria on a surface to a safe level ”

Today , sanitization is more important more than anything else !
HCSSONV sanitization aims at killing the bacteria and inhibits the further
growth of it ! Sanitization is important for all , helping to maintain health and increase life-spans .


 It reducing the spread of intestinal worms , and trachoma , which are neglected tropical diseases that cause suffering for millions .

 Sanitizing hands keep us and our families health .

 Reducing the severity and impact of malnutrition .

 Some can even improve condition of skin .

 Promoting dignity and boosting safety , particularly among women & girls . Are less irritating to skin than soap & water .

 Reduce bacteria counts on hands are more accessible than sinks .

 It’s quickly to kill microorganisms on hands !