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Air Conditioners have become a necessity rather than luxury now a days to beat the heat. In Chennai like cities most of the year, the weather is so hot, especially in summer. It is difficult to imagine summer season without Air Conditioner. Air Conditioner is a preventive measure to potential illness of soaring heat and tropical weather.

Proper installation is the key to prevent your Air Conditioner from any future issues. Improper installation/uninstallation can damage components of Air Conditioner such as copper piping, Outdoor unit, and indoor unit and cause various issues from decreased comfort to increasing energy bill. Therefore it is essential you to hire professional AC technician instead of doing it yourself. Hygienic Care Service offers most reliable AC installation/uninstallation service in Chennai for all type of AC units at an affordable price.

Air conditioner is an electronic device comes up with shelf life which acquires wear and tear over years. As a result, its longevity and energy efficiency get deteriorated. That’s why, it is crucial to get a regular AC repair and service to avoid expensive replacement costs and prevent raise in energy bills. When it comes to AC repair and service you have to choose right professional AC service centre in Chennai. Hygienic Care Service provides most economical AC repair and service in Chennai with 100% service guarantee.

Air conditioners are apparently the most essential appliance in modern times. Any malfunctioning or breakdown is a heartbreaking experience, especially in hot summer. Regular AC Maintenance is a frontline measure to prevent sudden failure. Thus, it is vital to sign up an Annual Maintenance Service Contract. With this service, you can get your AC checked and repaired by an expert and ensure maximum performance. Hygienic Care Service delivers best AC AMC service in Chennai at reasonable price.

We have been achieving 100% customer satisfaction through our expert AC service. Proper and quick installation, dust & stress free service, high quality repair, on-time annual maintenance makes us the best in class AC service provider in Chennai. We have properly trained and well-aware AC service engineers to deal various problems caused by your AC. Also we provide high quality AC repair at your doorstep with replacement of 100% genuine spare parts.

Are you looking for 100% efficient AC service in Chennai for residential, commercial or industrial needs? , Contact us @ 91 7200556622 to discuss your cooling needs. If you need AC service in Chennai, including, AC installation/uninstallation, AC Repair and service or AC maintenance, Book service online to get comfort and convenience AC services at your doorsteps in very cost effective way.

Keep in touch with us to get your AC maintained regularly and live comfortably. Better Air, Better Life.

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Various model AC Service with Affordable Price

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On-Time Annual Maintenance

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High Quality Repair using Genuine Spare Parts.

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We provide a range of AC service such as:

  • AC Installation
  • AC Repair
  • AC Service
  • AC Un-Installation
  • AC Annual Maintenance Service

The cost for AC service varies depending on unit model, unit count, type of problem and service you need (General AC Service, AC Repair, AMC). Call us @+91 72005 56622 to tell your needs and get details of AC service in Chennai.



  • You should always plan ahead when it comes to air conditioner installation. This permits you to look into all the professional AC installation service in Chennai and choose one that is right for you. You need to obviously think about your budget and ensure that whoever you choose should provide an effective and reliable service.


  • Ideally AC servicing is recommended at least once every year. It is always a good idea to do some regular check-ins and cleaning throughout the year to make sure your system is running smoothly.


  • Plan your AC service, a month or two before the hottest weather hits your area. By scheduling your service during this time you are making sure the air conditioner is working perfectly when you need it the most.