Hygienic care service in chennai

Welcome to our HCSSONV is a certified & licensed company which offers a comprehensive range of Home cleaning services , pest control services and RO water purifier services in Chennai , Bangalore & anywhere too . And quality products to residential , commercial and industrial clients . Our main objective is to provide a reliable & affordable services for those three Services . And offer deep cleaning services for residence as well as business owners

What we offer !! Mainly we providing a three Services . That is pest control service , deep cleaning service and R O water purifier services .

It has 2 types . That is Residential pest control & Commercial pest control . Now we’ll introduce about Residential pest control services


Our licensed technician will start by treating pest harbourages , We treating areas where pets live , direct application to wall mounts and other evidence of activity targeting pests harbourage areas and trailing areas that pest frequent . Our technicians will apply a chemical barrier around the exterior of the home , the technicians will concentrate on areas pests can potentially enter into the house like entryways , windows , garages and structural gaps. The last step is inspecting interior and make a targeted application in natural entry areas such as door opening and thresholds .

Our commercial pest control is about providing a comprehensive approach to ensure a pest-free environment for the commercial operator and their clients . A typical commercial application is unique depending on the potential pests and the environment . Treatment typically starts with applying material where the past harbourage can potentially start like under equipment floor drains & entry points . The technical will inspect potential pest harbourage areas you incorporate tools such as monitoring devices or bait stations to monitor for pest activity , if pest activity is discovered the technician will immediately remedy situation


HCSSONV Deep cleaning is recommended for the first visit . Our deep cleaning includes all the services of a standard clean , Plus all the services listed here . This is depth cleaning will get your home “ SUPERB “ clean . After this our “ standard Service “ will keep your house in top shape . Our
service is very useful after social events or before the holiday season .

RO WATER PURIFIER HCSSONV is India’s best and reputed water purifier platform and it offers the best deals on various water purifier brands . Our RO water purifier makes your water pure & healthy by eliminating all kinds of bacteria , viruses and total dissolved salts ( TDS ) .

Most importantly our RO water purifier is a main role in SEA WATER !!
Reverse osmosis ( RO ) is Most commonly known for its use in drinking water purification from Sea water , removing the salt and other effluent materials from the water molecules . Our RO water purifier kills the bacteria and also filters out their dead bodies floating in the water. And mainly our RO water purifier is completely safe & healthy to consume
and one of the best options in today’s environment !!

Does our RO WATER PURIFIER remove salt ??
YES ! Absolutely !! Reverse osmosis will generally remove salt , magnesium , iron , lead , calcium , and fluoride !!

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