WE PROVIDE A WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES FROM DOMESTIC TO COMMERCIAL CLEANING AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN, ALL SPECIALLY CATERED YOUR NEEDS. CLEANING SERVICES IN CHENNAI is committed to delivering clean, spotless homes and businesses in a timely manner. Our Services cover homes, schools, offices, industrial building (premises), hotels, shopping centres, governmental offices, commercial premises, hospitals, banks and others.
At CLEANING SERVICES IN CHENNAI, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our relationship with customers. CLEANING SERVICES IN CHENNAI team understands the importance of maintaining a clean and professional atmosphere.
1. DEEP CLEANING we provide a first class service for all our clients. Whether they are corporate, governmental, private villas or residential apartments, our clients receive the most meticulous cleaning service available in Chennai. Every item, every room, and every appliance gets inspected and cleaned. We can also take photographs of the property before and after the clean at no additional cost. Furthermore, our supervisors make it their mission to thoroughly go through an intricate checklist that details the task at hand. This ensures a high quality control and effective management of the project. Our expert supervisors’ goal is to cover that checklist and to satisfy the client while overseeing the work and managing the  workers.
2. GLASS AND WINDOW CLEANING Our cleaning teams are trained to work at heights, with specialist equipment. Therefore, no matter where the windows are, our professional cleaners will attempt to make sure every window is cleaned perfectly. 
At CLEANING SERVICES IN CHENNAI, we can clean the following 
Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Windows
Double Glazed
Single Glazed
Velux Roof Lights
Windows and Frames
Specialist Glass

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